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Natural Remedies for Treating Impotence

Posted on 11th Nov 2011 @ 6:08 PM

Natural Remedies for Treating Impotence

Impotence, which is a condition that renders males unable to achieve erections, affects millions of men each day. While erectile dysfunction is most commonly experienced by males of advanced age, this condition occasionally strikes young men as well. In addition to aging, certain medical conditions, psychological issues and prescription medications can also cause impotence.

Men suffering from impotence often feel deep frustration and embarrassment due to their inability to achieve erections. This condition can also place quite a bit of strain on impotent men’s romantic relationships. Because of the widespread and debilitating nature of impotence, doctors and scientists have conducted vast research on possible treatments and cures for the condition. These studies have produced several all-natural options that allow men to safely treat their impotence without medication. Implementing these natural remedies and practices can enable certain men to regain their sexual function, depending on the severity of their conditions.


While it may seem too simplistic to effectively relieve or improve impotence, relaxing has allowed vast numbers of men suffering from erectile dysfunction to achieve erections and enjoy consistent sexual performance. This stems from the anxiety men typically feel when experiencing impotence; even in isolated incidents. For example, young and old men alike may find themselves unable to become erect or perform sexually when they consume large quantities of alcohol or face high levels of stress. Though this impotence is sporadic and caused by aggravating factors, men who experience these situations often feel inadequate and place inordinate amounts of pressure upon themselves to perform. This tension paired with self-doubt resulting from temporary impotence generally leads to the worsening of a man’s erectile dysfunction. Doctors often recommend that patients who seek advice for impotence caused by situations such as these abstain from sexual intercourse for a certain amount of time. In doing so, men can often alleviate their performance anxiety and return to achieving erections consistently and naturally.

Rekindle the Spark

A man who believes his erectile dysfunction results from a mundane intimate relationship with his spouse or lover may benefit from taking steps toward breaking the sexual monotony. This may include communicating and fulfilling one-another’s fantasies, making love in new places – such as the kitchen or a secluded area outdoors, flirting with each other and all other intimate actions that reintroduce desire and excitement to the relationship. This can awaken a man’s sexual instincts, allowing him to deeply enjoy intimacy and achieve strong erectile function.

Natural Supplements

Men who suffer from erectile dysfunction issues that do not improve with behavioral changes may find success by consuming various natural supplements believed to promote men’s sexual health.

Gingko Biloba

Throughout history, Chinese doctors have used gingko biloba to treat erectile dysfunction. Various researchers believe this herb can alleviate impotence because it increases oxygen levels in the blood, thus promoting better blood circulation to the penis. Men can purchase this safe and natural herb from most drugstores and vitamin and supplement retailers.


L-Arginine is another supplement that may relieve erectile dysfunction by increasing blood flow to the penis. This amino acid helps the body produce nitric oxide, a substance that relaxes muscles naturally. With less muscular pressure on the body’s blood vessels, blood is allowed to flow more freely and easily. In addition to purchasing L-Arginine supplements from vitamin and supplement retailers and drugstores, men can also consume high levels of this beneficial substance by eating poultry, fish and dairy.


Chronic kidney and liver disease, as well as prolonged use of diuretic medications, often results in erectile dysfunction. This type of impotence is due to the depletion of the body’s zinc levels. Zinc is a mineral that one can replenish by eating foods such as shellfish and liver, or taking daily natural supplements.

While men may feel embarrassed, frustrated and self-conscious when they first experience erectile dysfunction, several natural treatment options are now available for impotence cases that do not require prescription medication. In addition to utilizing natural supplements in their erectile dysfunction treatments, men should realize they are not alone in their experiences and should feel comfortable talking openly with their doctors.